August 19, 2013

Westward Trek, Second Half

Grandma B came up to St. George for a couple of days.  We were able to go to the temple, which was really special. We also went to Tuacahn to see Mary Poppins.  Such a fun show!

It was good to have her there for a couple of days.  The rest of the time hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa D's was pretty laid back.  Grandpa made his usual waffles, cheesy potatoes, and meatloaf (not all at once.)  Grandma made her usual bran muffins(but we forgot to make donuts.)  We had more Creamies and Ice Cream Sandwiches than anyone should eat in one week's time.  We had lots of cousin time with E and S.  So fun.  Especially the silly cousin sleepover in Grandma's living room.  

We took some family pictures, went to church a few times, did some shopping, and just hung out.  We managed to buy school clothes and shoes, backpacks and some supplies (but the real trick was fitting them in the suitcases on the way home...especially when you consider that when I came earlier with the one checked bag, there were FOURTEEN pairs of shoes in my suitcase(mostly not mine.)  It took some seriously good packing skills to get it all home, with only one checked suitcase weighing under 50 pounds, and five carry-on bags.  IF they gave degrees for this sort of thing, I am pretty sure I would have a Masters by now, I tell you.) ;)

We were also able to see Starlight Express at Tuacahn.  It was a fun show, but I think the girls preferred Mary Poppins.  Their boy cousins thought the "train show" was more fun, though.  I loved it all.  I also loved the time just hanging out and playing games and talking with family.  The girls did, too--that was their favorite part of vacation.  We had a great time, as always.  It was hard to come back to "real life", but we were ready for some routine and to sleep in our own beds once again.  

We miss everyone so much already!

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