February 23, 2018

The One Where I Post Five Long Years Later

Remember five years ago I wanted to do forty Random (or not too random) Acts of Kindness for my birthday and I asked you to help me meet my goal? Well, it truly was the best birthday I’ve ever had! I promised to share what I did, and what friends and family did to help, and I’m finally sharing this list. Yes, five years late. Just pretend it’s still 2013. It can be your act of kindness for the day. 😊  

I had come up with a list of some things I’d like to do and then just decided to see what opportunities for random acts were throughout the day. I checked things off or wrote things I did as the day went on, and then the things other people did as they called or commented on my blog or facebook. I have had that list in the back of my journal for ages. It’s not a complete list, and I know that I will be missing some of the things that were done. I can’t be sure I remember what I did five days ago, let alone five years ago. If I did something more than once, I usually didn’t count it twice, but if someone else did the same thing then I would usually count it. So, if you see something on the list twice, that’s probably why. So, here we go…

1. put stray shopping carts away
2. send a happy package to my sister
3. buy thing to make “homeless care bags” to hand to people in the cold winter
4. assemble those bags
5. hold the door open for someone
6. watch a friend’s kids so she can get a haircut
7. write a letter to someone
8. help someone put groceries in their trunk
9. send a postcard to a family member
10. let someone get ahead of you in a line
11. help someone pick out a library book
12. hem a friend’s pants
13. babysit for friends so they can go on a date
14. help someone lift something heavy into their trunk
15. take my husband’s car in for an oil change
16. give the person in front of you in line your pennies when they are trying to pay
17. write a list of ten things you love about each of your family members
                (oh, this one I did count four times, since it took a lot of thought and time for reflection…)
                18. 19. 20. 21.
22. donate clothes to a homeless shelter
23. compliment someone
24. pick up garbage
25. put bookmarks with kindness quotes in books at the library
26. start a gratitude journal
27. complain less today
28. leave dollar bills in the toy section of the dollar store
29. put quarters in carts at Aldi
30. sew my daughter’s dress
31. take treats to neighbors
32. share uplifting quotes with someone who is suffering
33. take friends cookies
34. leave flowers on someone’s windshield
35. straighten shelves at the grocery store
36. take stray carts to the cart corral
37. use a reusable shopping bag
38. tape quarters to candy machines
39. put post it notes with inspirational, uplifting quotes on public restroom mirrors
40. compliment someone
41. send my mom flowers
42. give someone you love a hug
43. help pay for a flustered mom’s purchase
44. leave an extra generous tip
45. take treats to your pharmacist
46. take someone dinner
47. pay for the person behind you in a drive thru
48. hold door open for someone
49. babysit someone’s kids for free
50. help at a violin club at an elementary school
51. pay for the items of the person behind you at the grocery store
52. take a friend some chocolate
53. forgive someone
54. pay for someone else’s bill

Isn’t that a great list? Thank you SO much if you helped me. As you can see, we exceeded my goal. Thanks for helping, and apologies for taking nearly five years to tell you thanks. 😊 It was such a great day! I think I want to celebrate this way at least every ten years. The world can always use more kindness. Always. 

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