March 21, 2018


I've decided to finish printing the rest of my blog so that it is easy to look through and remember. But, I feel like I just can't leave it without saying goodbye. This blog was a great thing for me. I love looking back through it and remembering the fun times and the hard times. For most of the years that I published consistently, it was very therapeutic. They were years filled with busy activities, fun times, and lots and lots of love. They were also years of hard work, misbehaving kidlets, a lot of joy, and also some sorrow and pain.

It was in these years that my migraine disease was finally diagnosed as chronic, and I began the long years of one treatment after another. So many different treatments. So many. It was hard and exhausting work. I spent many days and years riding the roller coaster of hope, pain, disappointment and lots of incremental improvement. It was tricky to balance the trials, therapies, medications, adjustments, and healing with the expectations and reality of being a mom with three growing girls. Oh, they are the best girls! It's now been over ten years that I've had at least some sort of headache every day. Every. Single. Day. And a lot of those days are recorded here.

My girls know barely anything of the mom that didn't have a headache. This makes me sad. But it is what it is. I hope they also see that they have a mom who is strong. A mom who is patient. A mom who is helpful, kind, faithful, and hopeful. This blog helped me be that mom. It helped me keep a positive attitude and an eternal perspective. I had many days that I felt too lousy to leave the house more than was required, and it was nice to have my family and friends "near" through the wonder of the internet. These were some fun years, and I am so glad I have them documented. I hope reading through these entries will remind my girls that they have a mom who loves them fiercely, and was willing to laugh through the hard times and find joy in the journey. 

Signing off. 

When it began, 2008:

And now, 2018:

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